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The motivation to seek treatment is a positive step and is a critical part to successful treatment and recovery. A therapeutic community addresses alcohol addiction treatment from a mental health approach. Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of a therapeutic community that treats alcohol addiction using a 12-step recovery process.

How long is the treatment for alcohol dependence?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), fewer than 90 days in inpatient or outpatient treatment has limited effectiveness, and significantly longer treatment periods are recommended. Additionally, the NIDA points out that recovery is a long-term process that may require multiple episodes of treatment.

Addiction treatment is a process that typically occurs in phases. For example, the treatment process for addiction typically begins with an intake appointment and continues from there. The complications of substance use disorder are broad and may depend on the type of substance use. The risk of substance use increases greatly during times of stress and change. For an adult, a divorce, loss of a job or death of a loved one may increase the risk of substance use. For a teenager, moving, family divorce or changing schools can increase their risk.

Therapy in Residential Treatment for Addiction

“An overview of the partial hospitalization modality.” Accessed August 1, 2019. Substances send massive surges of dopamine through your brain, too. But instead of feeling motivated to do the things you need to survive (eat, work and spend time with loved ones), such massive dopamine levels can lead to damaging changes that affect your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Over 20 million people in the United States have at least one SUD. Substance use disorder affects people of all ages, races, genders and socioeconomic levels.

As this paper suggests, many questions about long-term recovery and contributing factors remain unanswered. Second, there is a need for research about the process of recovery over time. This includes the investigation of psychosocial changes, necessary coping strategies and helpful resources. Researchers have much to learn from long-term recovering individuals whose experiences can provide a holistic view of the processes of addiction and recovery process over time. Finally, there is a need to assess the effectiveness of 12-step affiliation independently of enrollment in formal treatment and using a long-term perspective.

How Long Does Rehab Last for Different Rehab Programs?

While asking “how long is rehab for alcohol,” it is pertinent to consider the three structured programs and extensions, depending on the substance use history of the person. Many individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol start with a 30-day rehab time. In some cases, the individual gains insight into the need to continue the program further or round off the 30-day therapy and proceed to aftercare going forward.

how long is rehab for alcohol

For over 20 years Dr. Umhau was a senior clinical investigator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Knowing the resources and a contact person within each will facilitate access to the
system. Detox alone isn’t treatment, but it’s the first step to getting better for people who are dependent on alcohol. The best rehab center for alcoholism depends on how well they can meet your needs. Support groups like Al-Anon can help families learn how to help their loved one while also helping themselves.

Behavioral models

When certain liver enzymes, such as ADH and ALDH, do not work sufficiently, the body is unable to process alcohol normally. In these cases, a person might experience a sudden rise in their acetaldehyde levels after drinking alcohol. This reaction can cause undesirable side effects, including a flushed face, reddening of the skin — especially in the face or neck — dizziness, hot sensations, nausea/vomiting and heart palpitations. Only about 1% to 2% of the alcohol a person drinks leaves the body in their urine.

how long is rehab for alcohol

We may be paid a fee for marketing or advertising by organizations that can assist with treating people with substance use disorders. She devoted her life to the study of the connection between crime, mental health, and substance abuse. Apart from her work as management at addiction center, Nena regularly takes part in the educational program as a lecturer. And how long would it take to break withdrawal symptoms to drugs and alcohol? Unfortunately, these questions differ between individuals due to physiological differences. After the days program, it is pertinent to solidify one’s resolve to maintain sobriety by entering an additional structured program called extended care.

For those living with a substance use disorder, seeking treatment can be an intimidating experience. Many wonder what their friends and family will think, how much it will cost them, or what the length of their treatment stay will be. Because every person has their own unique story that will require their own unique approach, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for treatment.